Who can join the HOZDA?

Any person can be a member of the Association if they reside or work, or if they have a business or property in Hohoe. The committee may also choose to approve the membership of any other individuals upon application.

What is the minimum age for membership?

The minimum age for membership is sixteen.

How much are membership fees?

Membership is free

How much are membership fees due?

Membership dues is set up annually at general assembly meeting

When and where are committee meetings held?

HOZDA will send out a general notice 2-4 weeks before the meeting

Who can attend committee meetings?

Meetings are open to all residents.

When is the Annual General Meeting?

TheĀ August meeting usually becomes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) but it may be rescheduled if there is a conflicting event or key members are not available at that time.

How do I become a committee member?

Each year we call for nominations prior to the AGM and these nominations are considered at the AGM. If you are interested please advise a committee member of your interest and we will put forward your nomination for consideration at the next AGM.

I would like to help in some capacity what do I need to do?

The Committee is always looking for assistance as we generally have more things to do than our existing capacity allows. Just let one of the committee know that you are available to help and we will contact you with details on how you might be able to help us.